First Mini Craft Fair

Saturday I took part in my first mini craft fair! It was actually a big weigh-in for a local gym that has been doing a 12 week boot camp so this was their final weigh in/picture etc. Everyone there was so excited and in great moods, it’s always nice to interact with happy people! I was only set up for about 3 hours but there was a decent amount of people walking through. It was a good practice run for this weekend, I feel a lot better after doing it! We got a lot of positive feedback and made a decent amount of sales in just a few hours. I used the etsy reader and it was so easy and probably half of our sales were via that (more on that later!)


Here is a picture of my table set up. Having a fun table cloth definitely helped make the table stand out. This weekend we’ll have a larger 8′ table which will be good so we can spread out a little more. We placed the items at different levels and it helped force people to move their eyes and look at everything on the table. I think we are in great shape for Saturday. We didn’t sell out of anything so we still have a lot of inventory, I made infinity scarves last night and am going to work on napkins this week!

Hope you enjoy your Monday!



Craft Fair Progress – Part 2

Hopefully everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving! Going into it, I felt a little anxious that I would be taking 3-4 days off of craft fair prep but it was nice to get some R&R. I did get to work on little product labels while I was away so I wasn’t completely unproductive.


These were really easy to make! All I used was watercolor paper and something similar to the popular washi tape – I got the ‘Tape Works’ brand from Joann Fabrics . I am planning on just punching a hole over the tape and attaching to each item with small string.

I feel like I have been non stop working on projects the last few weeks. I finally sat down and took inventory of everything I have made and I think we’re in good shape –

– 22 Makeup bags


– 15 Totes

– 10 Fold Over Clutches10802841_389438244543968_825958640_n

– 15 Key Chains

– 17 Sets of Coasters

– 7 sets of Napkins

I have a small vendor table this weekend so we’ll see how much I sell there, my biggest focus is still on next weekend! Mr. P has also been making some awesome displays for me! A framed chalkboard sign, mini table tree stand and another display shelf, more pictures of those later!

Happy Wednesday,


Craft Fair Progress

I have been trying to work as much as possible when I can in preparation for the big show coming up! That is when I’m not working my full time job and living my non-crafter other side of life. Which is also why I have neglected blogging about it – oops!

So far I have made about 15 totes, 9 makeup bags and a bunch of coasters!


Makeup Bag Progress


coaster paper


Finished Totes

When I first started getting into crafts and began my Etsy store I invested in a Fiskars Bypass Trimmer and it saves to much time! I got mine from Michael’s with a coupon! 

I am trying to make as much product as possible, I also committed to do a small vendor/gift thing the weekend before at a local gym!  We had our first Etsy custom order request for a specific looking coaster holder so Mr. P whipped this up and we are going to modify it a bit to fit the coaster size we make! This was our first sale/communication from someone we don’t already know so it was exciting for us!


custom coaster holder!

Still to work on – wallets, napkins, key chains & whatever else we have time for! Also – please check out our etsy page for all of our products!! Happy day! – MP

First Craft Fair!

So I finally got the nerve to start a blog and put myself out there and have totally neglected it! I figured I’d be posting at least weekly fun DIY projects and what not but in the past few weeks I’ve found myself totally consumed with my Etsy shop. I’ve been selling a decent amount of items to family friends, mostly in person. At the bottom are some images of the stuff I’ve been working on!

In the past few weeks I’ve been seeing signs everywhere for fall/holiday craft fairs and have been thinking about taking part in one. I know I for one like to see something in person before buying it, and I think this will be the same for handmade goods. I spent a few days endlessly researching craft fairs and what the criteria is for vendors. There is more to it than I thought there would be! Some of the local ones I found are more intense than I expected – applications with displays of your booth set up, and the price for one was $800 for a 8×10 spot! I know I’m a newbie to this but I was shocked! I finally found a fair close to home that was $25 for a booth and the Saturday before thanksgiving. I was a form away from signing up and realized how close thanksgiving is and what little inventory I have. After a mini panic attack I decided against it, I would much rather have more than enough to sell than show up with too little. I found another local fair in December and decided to take the plunge and sign up. It is 7 weeks from today so I should have enough time to build up our inventory. Over the next few weeks I’ll be updating on my progress getting ready for it!

I just signed up for this Thursday so I am still in the beginning planning phase. At this point I’ve decided what I’m going to try and sell
– totes
– makeup bags
– misc. sized pouches/clutches
– coasters & holders
– napkins
– infinity scarves
– table runners
– key chains

Here is some of the fabric I organized and cut today for totes!


Hopefully this process can help fellow crafters prep for their first show, check back for more updates!
– MP





First Blog! A Housewarming Gift

Welcome to Corner52! As my first blog post I thought it would be fitting to do a little housewarming gift tutorial as a Welcome to this blog! I’ve seen quite a few variations of this on Pinterest, but wanted to put my own little twist on it. A few weeks ago my sister-in-law moved up to NY with her boyfriend to live in Fort Drum so this being their first apartment together it seemed fitting to put together a bucket of goods that you sometimes don’t remember you need! I was lucky enough to find most of these items at my local Marshall’s and Ocean State Job Lot. This is a great gift for someones first home or apartment, and you won’t be breaking your budget! Included in the bucket (also from Ocean State) –

– Magnet Clips, Paper Straws, Cupcake Liners, Bamboo Cutting Board, Small Kitchen Knife, Candle and a Set of 2 Dish Towels.

There are plenty of other great items that could be included, I was going with my last minute (oops!) options in front of me!

Hope you enjoyed the first post from Corner52!

Welcome to Corner52!

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my new blog! This is just an introductory post so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I decided to start a blog because I have lately become a little obsessed with crafts and DIY and figured this would be a good place to share new ideas, projects and whatever I find inspiring in my day to day life! I don’t consider myself a writer but I am going to give it a shot!

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