Leg Workout

At thirty weeks prego I am trying my hardest to stay motivated to keep working out. I was a little limited first trimester with feel nauseous/exhausted all of the time and started to get back into during the second and have probably been most active in my third. According to everything online working out during your pregnancy can help with labor and postpartum. For me, I have felt so much better physically and mentally when I am working out regularly the past few months. Even during the first trimester my husband was good about us still walking every night, this was followed by a nap and snack after work! I figured I would share what I have been doing for a leg workout the past few weeks – I try and do this twice a week, 3 sets of the whole workout followed by a 15 minute cool down on the bike. I like to use a body bar  (most gyms have them) during this, but you can do it with light weights at your side or keep your hands free! I usually do this before work and then head back to the gym at lunch for another 30 minutes of cardio. This workout could easily be done at home followed by a walk or jog outside to loosen up your legs after! And always remember to stretch!! Hope you enjoy!



At home workout!

Here is a quick easy workout my friend and I made a few weekends ago! Neither of us are personal trainers but have both worked out enough to know what could make a good workout. Each round takes about 15 minutes and the workout goes by quick with some good ol’ Bravo on in the background! We used 7 and 10 pound weights – many of the rounds can be substituted for other workouts. I am pregnant so some had to be modified – jumping jacks can replace the jog in place and K did sit while I did the donkey kicks. Hope you enjoy and please leave feedback!

 – MP