First Mini Craft Fair

Saturday I took part in my first mini craft fair! It was actually a big weigh-in for a local gym that has been doing a 12 week boot camp so this was their final weigh in/picture etc. Everyone there was so excited and in great moods, it’s always nice to interact with happy people! I was only set up for about 3 hours but there was a decent amount of people walking through. It was a good practice run for this weekend, I feel a lot better after doing it! We got a lot of positive feedback and made a decent amount of sales in just a few hours. I used the etsy reader and it was so easy and probably half of our sales were via that (more on that later!)


Here is a picture of my table set up. Having a fun table cloth definitely helped make the table stand out. This weekend we’ll have a larger 8′ table which will be good so we can spread out a little more. We placed the items at different levels and it helped force people to move their eyes and look at everything on the table. I think we are in great shape for Saturday. We didn’t sell out of anything so we still have a lot of inventory, I made infinity scarves last night and am going to work on napkins this week!

Hope you enjoy your Monday!



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