Craft Fair Progress – Part 2

Hopefully everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving! Going into it, I felt a little anxious that I would be taking 3-4 days off of craft fair prep but it was nice to get some R&R. I did get to work on little product labels while I was away so I wasn’t completely unproductive.


These were really easy to make! All I used was watercolor paper and something similar to the popular washi tape – I got the ‘Tape Works’ brand from Joann Fabrics . I am planning on just punching a hole over the tape and attaching to each item with small string.

I feel like I have been non stop working on projects the last few weeks. I finally sat down and took inventory of everything I have made and I think we’re in good shape –

– 22 Makeup bags


– 15 Totes

– 10 Fold Over Clutches10802841_389438244543968_825958640_n

– 15 Key Chains

– 17 Sets of Coasters

– 7 sets of Napkins

I have a small vendor table this weekend so we’ll see how much I sell there, my biggest focus is still on next weekend! Mr. P has also been making some awesome displays for me! A framed chalkboard sign, mini table tree stand and another display shelf, more pictures of those later!

Happy Wednesday,



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