Craft Fair Progress

I have been trying to work as much as possible when I can in preparation for the big show coming up! That is when I’m not working my full time job and living my non-crafter other side of life. Which is also why I have neglected blogging about it – oops!

So far I have made about 15 totes, 9 makeup bags and a bunch of coasters!


Makeup Bag Progress


coaster paper


Finished Totes

When I first started getting into crafts and began my Etsy store I invested in a Fiskars Bypass Trimmer and it saves to much time! I got mine from Michael’s with a coupon! 

I am trying to make as much product as possible, I also committed to do a small vendor/gift thing the weekend before at a local gym!  We had our first Etsy custom order request for a specific looking coaster holder so Mr. P whipped this up and we are going to modify it a bit to fit the coaster size we make! This was our first sale/communication from someone we don’t already know so it was exciting for us!


custom coaster holder!

Still to work on – wallets, napkins, key chains & whatever else we have time for! Also – please check out our etsy page for all of our products!! Happy day! – MP


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