First Craft Fair!

So I finally got the nerve to start a blog and put myself out there and have totally neglected it! I figured I’d be posting at least weekly fun DIY projects and what not but in the past few weeks I’ve found myself totally consumed with my Etsy shop. I’ve been selling a decent amount of items to family friends, mostly in person. At the bottom are some images of the stuff I’ve been working on!

In the past few weeks I’ve been seeing signs everywhere for fall/holiday craft fairs and have been thinking about taking part in one. I know I for one like to see something in person before buying it, and I think this will be the same for handmade goods. I spent a few days endlessly researching craft fairs and what the criteria is for vendors. There is more to it than I thought there would be! Some of the local ones I found are more intense than I expected – applications with displays of your booth set up, and the price for one was $800 for a 8×10 spot! I know I’m a newbie to this but I was shocked! I finally found a fair close to home that was $25 for a booth and the Saturday before thanksgiving. I was a form away from signing up and realized how close thanksgiving is and what little inventory I have. After a mini panic attack I decided against it, I would much rather have more than enough to sell than show up with too little. I found another local fair in December and decided to take the plunge and sign up. It is 7 weeks from today so I should have enough time to build up our inventory. Over the next few weeks I’ll be updating on my progress getting ready for it!

I just signed up for this Thursday so I am still in the beginning planning phase. At this point I’ve decided what I’m going to try and sell
– totes
– makeup bags
– misc. sized pouches/clutches
– coasters & holders
– napkins
– infinity scarves
– table runners
– key chains

Here is some of the fabric I organized and cut today for totes!


Hopefully this process can help fellow crafters prep for their first show, check back for more updates!
– MP






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